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Two Basketful Relief Children’s Books on sale, Now!

We have our first two children’s books published and ready for purchase: The Little Book of Why and Get to Bed! How about buying one of these beautifully-illustrated humorous stories and support this great cause at the same time? Better yet, buy one of each and share this blog with all of your friends so they can do the same!

A little about our first two children’s books:

The Author
Catherine (Cat) Ann Russell started her own digital multimedia company in 2002 called Spike Productions after a career as a professional research scientist at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Moved to action in 2019 to help address the infant and child famine crisis in Yemen, Cat spearheaded the Basketful Relief Project (BRP) to support emergency famine relief efforts through the publication and sale of children’s books. She has recently published two children’s stories through the BRP: The Little Book of Why and Get to Bed! The third book: The Pond of Reflection is due out in early April, 2020, the first book in The Pearls Of Wisdom Series. Cat lives in Lyons, CO on a hobby farm with her husband, Ed, and several farm animals including two burros named Nikki and Norman.

MorganQuistSMMorgan Grace Quist is a nurse and artist who lives in the mountains of Colorado. She grew up adventuring in the outdoors: kayaking down rivers, pitching tents in the woods, climbing tall mountains, and catching lizards on the trails. The beauty of the natural world heavily influences her artistic pieces, and you’ll often find her lost in the Colorado landscape with a paintbrush in hand. 

The Little Book of Why

Father Ben and his daughter, Belle, love walking through the woods on crisp winter days. But this day presented Father Ben with plenty of challenges with Belle’s many questions of, “Why!”


Buy now on BookBaby $21.68. Coming Soon to Amazon!

Get to Bed!

On beautiful evenings it’s always a challenge to get the Bouncing Baby Farm to bed! A humorous poem your kids will want to hear read to them every night before bed.


Buy now on BookBaby: $23.27. Coming soon to Amazon!

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The Basketful Relief Project is On!


Two Books with the Basketful Relief Project (BRP)

Spike Productions is excited to announce the launching of its Basketful Relief Project (BRP). We are collaborating with artists of all talents to write, illustrate and publish beautiful children’s stories in hardcover format, accompanied by beautifully narrated online video.

Spike Productions’ Basketful Relief Project (BRP) is a proud supporter of organizations fighting world hunger and currently has a BRP Save the Children Yemen famine relief fundraising page. Join us by clicking the link and making a direct donation today.

Why Spike Productions’ Basketful Relief Project (BRP) is a proud supporter of Save the Children Famine Relief Efforts in Yemen

Yemen in Crisis

Embroiled in civil conflict since 2011 and civil war since 2015, Yemen is experiencing the world’s worst man-made humanitarian disaster. As war continues, the UN says it is on the brink of the world’s worst famine in 100 years. Twenty-two million people are in urgent need of help, half of them children who are facing a triple threat – hunger, disease and bombs on a daily basis. Save the Children estimates more than 100 young children are dying from extreme hunger every single day.

Save the Children (STC) is on the ground in Yemen, working to help the most vulnerable access food, healthcare and education.

  • STC has treated over 150,000 children under five suffering from malnutrition and is supporting health facilities and mobile health and nutrition teams in some of the hardest to reach areas.
  • STC is supporting over 150 health facilities to provide life-saving primary healthcare, and responding to outbreaks of cholera and diphtheria.
  • STC is distributing food to young children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mom.

Join us by clicking the link and making a direct donation today.

BRP Save the Children Yemen famine relief fundraising page

Contact Spike Productions:,