Terrain Fly-Through Animation

Spike Productions has joined with Computer Terrain Mapping, Inc. (CTM) to provide custom  and high-resolution terrain-based animations. We offer 3D terrain fly-throughs, solar incidence and shadow casting animations, global views, dynamically traced routes through 3D terrain and atmospheric, subsurface and volume applications.

We use high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs), aerial photographs, satellite imagery and GPS data to ensure the highest accuracy. Our goal is to produce state-of-the-art animations that dynamically convey concepts while adding visual clarity and beauty to any multimedia project.

A Vivid Example

We pioneered this “crawling claims” effect on our Alpine Loop project for the BLM. It proved to be an incredibly effective way to illustrate the magnitude of the inholding problem they’re facing along this designated Backcountry Byway in SW Colorado.

Patented Mining Claims Along the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, SW Colorado