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Two Basketful Relief Children’s Books on sale, Now!

Spike Productions is excited to announce the launching of its Basketful Relief Project (BRP). We are collaborating with artists of all talents to write, illustrate, compose and story-tell to publish beautiful children stories for all ages in hardcover and e-book format, as well as full-production video. The goal? To help fund crisis famine relief around the world. How? Eighty-Five percent of profit proceeds from book/video sales through the BRP will go to organizations directly dealing with emergency famine relief. Read more about the BRP here.

Our first focus is emergency famine relief for infants and children in Yemen. Spike Productions has a fundraiser page with Save the Children, specifically for Yemen. Once we have covered the cost of production, Spike Productions will start donating 85% of profit proceeds to this fundraiser page!

We have our first two children’s books published and ready for purchase: The Little Book of Why and Get to Bed! How about buying one of these beautifully-illustrated humorous stories and support this great cause at the same time? Better yet, buy one of each and share this blog with all of your friends so they can do the same! Together we can make a difference to fight hunger to millions of infants and children. At Spike Productions, we think we have made it fun, engaging, creative and easy to support.

A little about our first two children’s books:

The Author
Catherine Russell is a videographer who lives in Lyons, CO on a hobby farm with her husband, Ed and several fun farm animals, including two burros named Nikki and Norman. Not only does Catherine enjoy walking with goats in the hills around her home, she desires to help fight world hunger and has founded The Basketful Relief Project, working with collaborators of all talents to publish beautiful children’s books (print and video), with percent profit proceeds going to emergency famine relief organizations. 

MorganQuistSMMorgan Grace Quist is a nurse and artist who lives in the mountains of Colorado. She grew up adventuring in the outdoors: kayaking down rivers, pitching tents in the woods, climbing tall mountains, and catching lizards on the trails. The beauty of the natural world heavily influences her artistic pieces, and you’ll often find her lost in the Colorado landscape with a paintbrush in hand. 

The Little Book of Why

Father Ben and his daughter, Belle, love walking through the woods on crisp winter days. But this day presented Father Ben with plenty of challenges with Belle’s many questions of, “Why!”


Buy now on BookBaby $21.68. Coming Soon to Amazon!

Get to Bed!

On beautiful evenings it’s always a challenge to get the Bouncing Baby Farm to bed! A humorous poem your kids will want to hear read to them every night before bed.


Buy now on BookBaby: $23.27. Coming soon to Amazon!

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