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The Basketful Relief Project is On!


Buy one of our books on BookBaby now and help support emergency famine relief in Yemen!

Spike Productions is excited to announce the launching of its Basketful Relief Project (BRP). We are collaborating with artists of all talents to write, illustrate, compose and story-tell to publish beautiful children stories for all ages in hardcover and e-book format, as well as full-production video. The goal? To help fund crisis famine relief around the world. How? Eighty-Five percent of profit proceeds from book/video sales through the BRP will go to organizations directly dealing with emergency famine relief.

Currently as we launch BRP, Spike Productions is focusing specifically on famine relief in Yemen through the Save the Children organization.

Yemen is in Crisis

Embroiled in civil conflict since 2011 and civil war since 2015, Yemen is experiencing the world’s worst man-made humanitarian disaster. As war continues, the UN says it is on the brink of the world’s worst famine in 100 years. Twenty-two million people are in urgent need of help, half of them children who are facing a triple threat – hunger, disease and bombs on a daily basis. Save the Children estimates more than 100 young children are dying from extreme hunger every single day.

Spike Productions wants to help and the Basketful Relief Project (BRP) is our answer to the question: how? And you are invited to join us!

The Basketful Relief Project (BRP) is a Win – Win

Spike Productions desires to include all who want to help out with BRP. Here is how we envision this will work:

  • Spike Productions collaborates with writers, illustrators, musicians and storytellers to create beautiful children stories in both book and video format. All collaborators are fully paid.
  • Spike Productions publishes each story through Book Baby to sell in national and world markets, in print and e-book format.
  • Spike Productions has set up a BRP Save The Children fundraising page specifically for emergency famine relief in Yemen and will donate (hopefully monthly!) 85% of sales profit-proceeds to this fundraiser. Spike Productions and collaborators will also receive specific percent profit proceeds from sales out of the remaining 15%.
  • The BRP Save The Children fundraising page for emergency famine relief in Yemen is not a one-time fundraiser but will be ongoing, refreshed annually until there is a decision to terminate. We sincerely hope we can successfully and continually fundraise through our BRP efforts for years to come until there is no more need for emergency famine relief in Yemen!

Collaborators win because there is not only an accessible platform for their talent, they have zero risk and only profit. They are fully compensated for their time and expertise, and if the book profits, they will also receive a % of the profit. Also, publishing with Book Baby, collaborators maintain ownership of their intellectual property.

Children win because the the mission of the BRP is to continually sponsor organizations that have a notable track record for cost-effective critical children care around the world, like Save The Children. And, we are doing this in a way that fills lives with beautiful children stories for all ages!

Spike Production wins because we feel seizing the opportunity to apply our own talents and knowledge to benefit others, especially infants and children in critical need, is a risk well worth taking.

How you can help:

  1. Buy our BRP books and videos and encourage your friends and family to do so too. The more we sell the more we donate!
  2. Spread the word about BRP and share the link to: this website, where our books and videos are sold and the BRP Save The Children fundraising page
  3. Make a direct donation to the BRP Save The Children fundraising page
  4. Become a collaborator and be a part of the journey!

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