Where The Rubber Meets The Road

At Spike Productions we are curious and sincerely desire to understand things that concern the well-being of our planet, especially, if by understanding, we can change an outcome for the better. Our mission is to find out the what, how and why behind a natural event and pull it all together in an informative documentary. We seek answers, interview experts and consolidate resources to produce a compelling account that scientifically presents what happened, to better identify positive future outcomes.

At Spike Productions, we understand that there are experts out there who are delighted to share their knowledge with others. They are our invaluable resource to help us both uncover the truth and understand how it applies to our future.

If you need to know, we want to know too and are inspired to help you find the answers and weave it into a documentary (shorter or longer), so others will understand as well. Let’s chat. Brainstorming consultations are both motivational, essential and free.

A Recent Documentary

in 2014, Spike Productions investigated the what, how and why behind Colorado’s devastating flood in 2013. The flood that claimed 9 lives and damaged or destroyed 485 miles of roads, 150 miles of railroad tracks, 27 state dams and over 50 bridges – at an estimated state-wide damage-cost of over $3.3 billon. Focusing on the Town of Lyons, CO this documentary investigates the meteorology, the flood-water response to that meteorological event, how our forecast models performed in their predictions, and how it fit in the context of climate change. DVD’s are available for purchase through SP and also the Lyons Historical Redstone Museum.

Understanding the Fundamentals: Colorado’s Epic Flood of 2013, focusing on the Town of Lyons, CO

Documentary Topic Chapters

Music prelude Start: 0 min, 0 sec
Introduction Start: 2 min, 50 sec
Meteorology Start: 6 min, 45 sec
Forecast Models Start: 21 min, 35 sec
Flood Start: 32 min, 36 sec
Climate Attribution Start: 51 min, 21 sec
Tribute Start: 58 min, 41 sec
Credits Start: 1 hr, 58 sec