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Spike Productions is dedicated to affordable excellence in digital multimedia. We remain small to minimize overhead, teaming with a circle of professionals as needed to offer premium service while streamlining the expense. We are on time and on budget. Our work is original and custom-oriented as we address each multimedia need. We are motivated to walk along side businesses and individuals alike, and we are ready to work hard to make your message shine.

We offer the following services:

  • Investigative Documentary in the earth sciences
  • Custom Geo and Terrain Fly-Through Animation
  • Web Training Video
  • E-Learning Video
  • Storyboard
  • Voiceover

Let’s start brainstorming what is possible, today!

Investigative Documentary

Where The Rubber Meets The Road At Spike Productions we are curious and sincerely desire to understand things that concern the well-being of our planet, especially, if by understanding, we can change an outcome for the better. Our mission is to find out the what, how and why behind a natural event and pull it…

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Custom Terrain Fly-Through

Terrain Fly-Through Animation Spike Productions has joined with Computer Terrain Mapping, Inc. (CTM) to provide custom  and high-resolution terrain-based animations. We offer 3D terrain fly-throughs, solar incidence and shadow casting animations, global views, dynamically traced routes through 3D terrain and atmospheric, subsurface and volume applications. We use high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs), aerial photographs, satellite imagery…

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Web Training Video

Time-Honoring Web Training Video Spike Productions offers full services in web training video: from storyboard to web capture to voiceover and production. We are not simply interested in creating excellent how-to videos but are also committed to the relevancy of these videos over time, working closely with our clients to ensure they are maintained and functionally representative in…

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Life-long Learning At Spike Productions, we believe that with the right learning tools an old dog can learn new tricks right along with the young pups.  This is why we are committed to life-long learning – and the easier and more interesting we can make the process the better. We delight in taking a textbook…

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