Life-long Learning

At Spike Productions, we believe that with the right learning tools an old dog can learn new tricks right along with the young pups.  This is why we are committed to life-long learning – and the easier and more interesting we can make the process the better.

We delight in taking a textbook and bringing the still-graphics to life. This offers a powerful dimension to learning. These videos are not intended to take the place of a textbook graphic, but to enhance what has already been carefully laid out on the written page. Textbook graphic videos enhance and compliment the printed message for a more powerful learning experience.

A Recent Example

This E-learning video is a sample taken from a series produced for a just-printed college economics textbook entitled: Microeconomics by Goolsbee, Levitt and Syverson, 2013 Worth Publishers.

E-learning Video for “Microeconomics”