The March, 2016 UWOL 37 Challenge had the theme: Why, yes, you got it, “why.” This theme was a bit of a challenge to say the least but it landed Spike Production its first win with the entry, The Little Book of Why. 

It’s a short story about father Ben and his daughter, Belle, who love walking through the woods on crisp winter days. But this particular day presented father Ben with plenty of challenges with Belle’s many questions of “Why!”

This video has become the maiden voyage book and video production in the Basketful Relief Project spearheaded by Spike Productions this year, 2019, and coming soon!

As with all the UWOL creative short videos, this little project was a lot of fun.

View this on the UWOL forum on Vimeo by clicking on the photo below.

The Little Book of Why – UWOL 37