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Rearrangements: High Water – Reflections on Lyons 2013 Flood, Art Exhibit in Lyons

The town of Lyons is bouncing back from Colorado’s epic flood 6 years ago and looks like a vibrant, engaged community. But The flood still remains in people’s hearts and minds. Similar to 911, there is a little spot in our psyche that relates our lives, before and after the event.

Cathy Rivers, a Lyons resident and artist, is still processing the town’s collective experience in an up and coming art exhibit here in town.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.46.04 AM.png

Knowing Cathy’s exceptional artistic creativity and talent, this might be a great visit to see what she’s been up to in this exhibit should you be in the area.

Here’s an article in Lyons’ Redstone Review about the upcoming show. (Page 8)

Come on over and check it out, share your story too and marvel in how much healing can be found in shared experience, creative expression and the good old fashioned passing of time and moving forward.

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