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UWOL 51 Guest Entry: Cille Et Let Ouiseaux

The June, 2019 Under Water Over Land (UWOL) 51 Challenge had the theme: Man vs Nature. Spike Productions worked collaboratively with flutist Cille Lutsch in a very last minute guest entry entitled Cille Et Les Oiseaux, a play on the musical title Pan Et Les Oiseaux by Jules Mouquet, which Cille played excerpts from in this creative short.

Guest entry basically means that one has missed the sign up deadline and is not an official entrant in the challenge. We only had a few days to try an idea for the theme. Other UWOL filmmakers were kind enough to offer footage of singing birds to help us enter before the looming deadline. Shared footage is not permissible in an official UWOL entry, but this wasn’t so why not collaborate with friends!

This entry also tested filming with black screen and trying out different filters in the post processing to be able to transpose Cille perfectly into scenes.

It was a lot of fun to do and a great success. View this on the UWOL forum on Vimeo by clicking on the photo below.

Cille Et Les Oiseaux – UWOL 51


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