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Estimated Damages from the 2013 Flood


The aftermath of this historic flood had Lyons divided into six separate islands, over 200 homes damaged or destroyed, no water, waste water, electric, gas or communication lines, and an initial cost-estimate of over $50 million in damages.


Authorities evacuated more than 18,000 people, the largest evacuation effort since Hurricane Katrina. Over 28,000 homes and commercial buildings were damaged with more than 1,800 destroyed. It is estimated the flooding damaged or destroyed almost 485 miles of roads, 150 mi of railroad tracks, 27 state dams and over 50 bridges.

Twenty-four counties were affected by the flood, 18 being declared a presidential disaster area within a few days of the event. The State’s initial assessment put flood-related damages at over $3.3 billion, including impacts to housing, infrastructure and economic sectors like agriculture and tourism.

Nine people lost their lives.

Sobering statistics, indeed.


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