2015 UWOL Fun Shoot

UWOL, or Under Water Over Land international film challenge, is a platform where outdoor and wildlife filmmakers can enter a by-monthly video challenge to hone skill and receive friendly and critical feedback from fellow challengers. When an entry thread is posted on DVInfo.net, filmmakers can sign up, not knowing beforehand what the challenge theme will be. The theme is announced the start day of the challenge and contestants have three weeks to create a 4-min wildlife video based on the challenge theme. Winners are voted for amongst the submission group based on creative and technical skill as well as how well an entry addressed the theme. Everyone gets feedback on posted feedback threads which is really the point of the forum. It’s an excellent way to continually hone filmmaking skill, push boundaries, learn new techniques and of course, make friends from around the world.

The recent 2015 UWOL Fun Shoot was an in-between-challenge challenge where old material could be used and anything goes. My entry, “Studio B” was an attempt to be on the fun/silly side of the spectrum. No winners in this challenge, just feedback and a good time. The next legitimate UWOL challenge will start November 1st.

Studio B

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