Buy now on BookBaby, Amazon, and locally at Red Canyon Art, Lyons, CO. For young readers ages 9-12.

Spike Productions is excited to announce we are in the creative works on a new BRP children’s story called, The Pond of Reflection. Journee is not only a mouse but a princess who ventures on a quest to discover who she is. Riding on her father’s mighty steed, the adventure takes an interesting turn when she befriends a toad and an owl who tell her about a legendary Pond of Reflection known to reveal one’s true identity while gazing at its mysterious waters. Is the Pond of Reflection magic? Is it simply a solitary place to reflect on who you are? What will the legendary water show Journee and her friends? What will the Pond of Reflection show you when you look into its water and reflect on your own heart?

The Pond of Reflection, book 1 in The Pearls of Wisdom Series based on a Biblical Proverb, is now available on BookBaby, Amazon and locally at Red Canyon Art in Lyons, CO.

Spike Productions is delighted to team up with Boulder artist Brooke Connor of Brooke Connor Design to illustrate this fun coming-of-age story.

The Author


Catherine (Cat) Ann Russell started her own digital multimedia company in 2002 called Spike Productions after a career as a professional research scientist at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Moved to action in 2019 to help address the infant and child famine crisis in Yemen, Cat spearheaded the Basketful Relief Project (BRP) to support emergency famine relief efforts through the publication and sale of children’s books. She has recently published three children’s stories through the BRP: The Little Book of Why, Get to Bed!, and The Pond of Reflection, the first book in The Pearls Of Wisdom Series. Cat lives in Lyons, CO on a hobby farm with her husband, Ed, and several farm animals including two burros named Nikki and Norman.

The Illustrator


Brooke Connor lives and works in Boulder, CO. She retired from a career as an environmental chemist after 28 years of left-brained activities, and now is a full-time right-brained illustrator. Brooke specializes in alcohol marker illustrations of birds and wildlife. Her style can be described as extremely colorful, imaginative, and whimsical. Other publications include works with her friend and author, Patricia Kittelson, including, Bixley Baines and the Beehive Fence, Bixley Baines and the Recycled Crayons, A Kid’s Guide to Bryce Canyon, and Cedar Breaks for Kids.

Check out this sample video of Brooke’s creative process in her digital illustration designing.

Spike Productions’ Basketful Relief Project (BRP) is a proud supporter of the BRP Save The Children Yemen famine relief fundraising page. Won’t you join us by clicking the link and making a direct contribution today? Thank you!